I have been involved in numerous outreach projects, from tutoring to science writing. Some of the most rewarding have been working with my colleagues to initiate new, long-term endeavors. In our first year, my grad school classmates and I founded the daily research blog Astrobites, which makes current research in astronomy accessible to undergraduates. In 2013, we started the ComSciCon workshop series, a national conference for graduate students on communicating science. I also give public talks and am on twitter.

As an NSF postdoc at MIT, I was an adjunct professor at BU Metropolitan College in their prison education program. I developed a new introductory astronomy course for undergraduate non-majors using evidence-based practices, which I teach to students at a medium security prison. My course materials are available by request.


The goal of Astrobites is to provide gateway to research in astronomy. We present recent scientific papers in an accessible format, and discuss various aspects of pursuing a career in astronomy. I wrote numerous articles for Astrobites.



ComSciCon a national workshop on science communication. We bring together graduate students in the sciences and expert science communicators: science writers, bloggers, policy-makers, and educators.

Science Club for Girls

My co-teacher and I piloted a new astronomy curriculum with 5th and 6th grade girls enrolled in SCFG, an afterschool program in Cambridge public schools.

EdX Content Writer

I wrote course material for Prof. Dimitar Sasselov's EdX course, Super Earths and Life. I covered topics ranging from techniques for finding exoplanets to the requirements for life.

At an outreach event with Lauren Woolsey (right).

Women in Science and Engineering

As a board member of Harvard's Graduate WISE group, I organized events on topics ranging from careers, to mentoring, to beer.


I have lead twice-weekly group tutorials for introductory astronomy (at UC Santa Barbara) and have tutored math and physics (at UCSB and through Cambridge School Volunteers).


I have mentored students both informally and formally, through a variety of programs, and enjoy supervising undergraduate research students.

Physics Circus

I volunteered with the Physics Circus at UCSB, doing physics demonstrations in classrooms, at senior centers, and at local science fairs.

Presenting with the Physics Circus at UCSB.

Society of Physics Students

As an undergraduate, I was active in the UC Santa Barbara SPS chapter, serving as the president in 2008-2009.